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Komorebi is a Japanese word, "木漏れ日", which means "the sunlight filtering through the leaves of trees."

I find immense joy and peace in nature, often strolling through the serene Highgate Wood in North London. Having lived in this beautiful area for nearly 40 years, I’ve discovered that these woods are a sanctuary for grounding, reflection, and healing.

In London, sunny days are a cherished treat, especially during the winter months. The gentle sunlight filtering through the leaves in the woods fills me with warmth, love, and upliftment. This is the essence I strive to bring to my healing and yoga sessions.

On this website, you’ll learn more about my journey with healing and yoga. My hope is that this platform becomes a source of comfort and support for those in need.

Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Mika Aoyagi

Services for All Levels & Needs

I Love to Help People Feel Great Physically, Mentally & Spiritually

Yoga Classes

Join our Community Yoga Class every Sunday on Zoom. Private Yoga tuition is also available, tailored to your level and needs.

Healing Sessions

Private Healing on Zoom or Absent Healing on Request.


What My Clients Say

"I absolutely love Mika's yoga classes. Mika's yoga classes lights up a sparkle of positivity, gives one feeling of lightness and peace of mind. As well as it builds up slowly the inner strength. She has great breathing techniques, that helps finding inner peace, positivity, lightness, relaxation. Her approach is personal to each and everyone. Mika's yoga is gentle and easy. It is for everybody. Her meditation techniques can really make you flow and touch your inner heart. Mika's healing sessions are gentle. Her healing lightly directs your body and mind where it is supposed to be in order to get better. You can really feel her healing energy. I have an injury due to car accident, so I have not been practicing yoga for many years before I met Mika. Mika's yoga classes and healing sessions helps me as well in going through my lifetime of grief of loosing my son. "
Ekaterina Pleman

Area of Expertise!

Spiritual healing is a profound and pure form of treatment that utilises universal energy—known as Chi, Prana, or light. Practitioners channel this energy to clients or patients through their hands, thoughts, or prayers. This healing can be delivered in person, remotely via Zoom, or through absent healing, where the practitioner sends energy without direct interaction.

Also known as One-to-One Sitting, is a Mediumship demonstration where the medium connects with their Guides to bring loved ones from the Spirit realm closer to the sitter. It offers comfort and healing, particularly during tough times, but it’s important to emphasise that a sitting is a form of experiment. While it holds the potential for profound connections, specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Sittings are available in person, over the phone, or via Zoom for accessibility.

It is a deep relaxation technique. I always include this technique at the end of my yoga class.  Also, this practice can be done on its own. The length of the session can be from 15 minutes to 1hr of “Guided Active Meditation lying down “. You will feel totally relaxed and refreshed after this practice. It is said that 1 hour of Yoga Nidra is worth approx. 3 hours of deep sleep, and my teacher Sri Dharma says this is the sleep for the future. Total relaxation is the key to restore or maintaining our wellbeing.

Breathing is essential for life, and the way we breathe significantly impacts our mood, thoughts, and actions. Practising Pranayama, or breathing exercises, enhances our mental well-being by calming the mind and helping us focus inward. This practice is especially beneficial for those who wish to meditate and improve the quality of their meditation.

1000-hour certified Dharma Yoga Teacher.

Dharma Yoga is a system of classical Hatha-Raja Yoga. A devotional practice that emphasises good health, a clear mind and a kind heart.

13 years of experience as a Healer at SAGB.

Spiritual healing is a practice that involves channeling healing energy to improve the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of an individual.

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