Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is an alternative treatment designed to promote wellness on physical, mental, and emotional levels without the need for medicines or remedies. This form of healing is conducted using universal energy, often referred to as Energy, Chi, Prana, or Light.

 This powerful and subtle universal energy is the essence of all living beings, known as Light, Vital Force, or Life Force. Spiritual healers act as conduits for this healing energy, directing it into their client’s or patient’s energy field to address what needs to be healed. I believe this is the purest and most subtle method of bringing comfort to all living beings, extending beyond humans to animals, plants, and nature.

In addition to individual healing, practitioners often extend their healing energy to promote world peace and support recovery efforts following natural disasters, demonstrating the far-reaching potential of this universal energy.


General Questions

Healing operates by activating a person’s innate self-healing mechanisms to restore overall well-being. Since well-being encompasses the entire person, healing addresses emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and psychological aspects to achieve a restored sense of balance. This process is facilitated by healing energy channeled through the healer to the individual receiving the treatment.

Yes, anyone can receive healing, regardless of age or health condition. From babies to adults, and from healthy individuals to those who are pregnant or terminally ill, healing can be safely used alongside medical treatments and other therapies.

Healing addresses the whole person and can be beneficial at various times in life, not just when you are feeling unwell. For example, healing can provide comfort and support during times of bereavement, stress, or significant life changes.

Since healing involves energy, any living being, including animals and plants, can benefit from it. Healers can also send healing energy to situations involving stress, conflict, and even war.

Healers strictly adhere to a Code of Conduct and never claim to cure illnesses. Instead, we focus on the potential benefits and positive effects that healing can offer. During a healing session, you may experience various benefits, such as improved well-being, relaxation, and a sense of balance. While individual experiences vary, our aim is to support your overall health and wellness.

It is not necessary to have faith or any religious belief to believe in healing or to benefit from it. The most helpful thing is an open mind and a willingness to receive healing.

Absent or distant healing is a form of healing that does not require physical contact between the healer and the recipient. The healer sends healing energy and intention to the recipient, who can be located anywhere in the world. This type of healing can be felt by the recipient with a time delay, so there is no need to worry about time differences.

To request absent healing, you can contact me with the name of the person who needs the healing (either their full name or just their first name). You do not need to provide details about the reason for the healing unless it helps you to do so. I will add the name to my healing book and include them in the healing energy I send out, particularly around 10pm UK time, which is a popular time for absent healing among many spiritual organisations and healers.

A hardcover healing book rests on a table with a lit candle and white roses. It is used to send out healing energy, especially at 10 pm UK time, a common time for absent healing.
Healing Book

My Spiritual Journey

Healing at SAGB

I have been a voluntary Healer at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (SAGB) for 13 years. (as of June 2024)

I started a 3-year Healing Training Course taught by Tutor Terry Tasker (Healing Secretary and current President of SAGB) in 2011 and qualified in 2014. I continued to serve every Saturday at the Healing Clinic at SAGB, and after 10 years of service, I was honoured to become Clinic Leader from 2022.

Spiritualist Studies

Over the years, I’ve dedicated myself to a journey of profound learning and growth in the realms of Healing, Mediumship, Physical Mediumship, and Trance Development.

My path has been enriched by workshops led by esteemed practitioners such as Terry Tasker, Pauline Mason, Steve Woods, and Paul Woods at SAGB.

In addition to these invaluable experiences, I’ve had the privilege of participating in Gordon Smith’s Annual Mentorship program in 2021-22, followed by Mentorship Program 2, a six-month intensive course in 2023. Most recently, I further honed my skills through the latest Mediumship course in 2024.

Zen Buddhism

Having been born and raised in Japan in a family following the tradition of Soto Zen Buddhism, I carry a deep appreciation for Zen practice. Watching both my grandmothers chant the Heart Sutra every morning has engraved in me the importance of having faith, commitment, and practising the teachings of Buddha from a young age.

Though my focus shifted to working with Spirit and studying Yoga, Zen practice remains a lifelong commitment. I believe my strong commitment to Spiritual work and studying from Sri Dharma enriches my understanding of the teachings of the Heart Sutra.

In 2021, I made a vow and was ordained as Bodhisattva, given the name Kenshin 愃心 (Generous Heart). I am deeply grateful for this special opportunity and for being given this beautiful Spiritual name.


My Happy Client!

"I am a regular recipient of Mika's healing, which enables me to open up, and restore my calm. I have nothing but high accolades for her ability. She always improves my wellbeing balance, so I can live my life to the full without worry. "
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